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We Import our materials from Italy, Spain, China, and Turkey!



     We offer a wide variety of stained wood cabinets.  Our cabinets are custom-built to any cut and size to meet your needs. Wood cabinets are available in maple, oak, birch, PVC, and MDF. They are the perfect match for our granite vanities and kitchen countertops, and we can ship them together.


Granite & Marble Countertops and Showerpanels


     Granite and marble are an elegant accent from business to home. These natural stones bring out not only your flooring or wall covering, but can also be used on various other surfaces, such as:


Bathroom vanity for residential or professional building



Desk tops


Table tops

Island tops

Custom-made mantels




Marble Tiles & Slabs


     Marble is a natural stone in a class by itself. For an air of sophistication and artistry, marble is the classic choice. Marble tiles and slabs are ornate and alluring with a naturally elegant appearance, and are suitable for a variety of effects.


    By far, this natural stone superbly compliments a lobby, hallway, or other professional entrance.


     Marble is a popular choice not only for professional or formal settings, but equally as desirable in more casual settings too. Marble can be a stunning accessory to your kitchen, bathroom, or recreation room.


     Veined with rivulets of subtle color on backgrounds with earthy tones, marble tile or slab flooring can be a subtle or a bold feature in the modern designer’s vision.


     Rose Construction imports the highest quality marble, cut-to-size tiles and slabs for flooring and wall products. It is  available in all sizes and can be packaged to be sold in large quantities.


Marble Colors:











Many other styles!



Ceramic Sinks


We import ceramic drop-in, mount-under sinks, and single bowls (black, bone, biscuit, or white color) to compliment glazed-surface granite vanities. Ceramic sinks are available to be shipped with granite or marble vanities or countertops.



Our faucets are specially designed for performance and reliability. Faucets are available in elegant styles to accent any setting. Our faucets also come designed to match our granite or marble countertops or vanities.

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